My Family is a Team because… 2016 essay contest finalists announced

Our Family is a Team because…Essay Contest has concluded.  The winners are listed in alphabetical order below.  Placement will be announced in November at our Awards Dinner.

Thank you to all those who participated and we appreciated all the wonderful stories of how your families are working as a team to help each other.  Our gratitude also goes to the Florida Writers Foundation for judging our contest – thank you!

Essay Contest Finalists (By grade and in alphabetical order.)

Grades K-2

  • Trenton  Applewhiate

My name is Trenton. My family is a team because they are helpful to me in many different ways. First, my brother Jonathan helps me clean our bedroom and pick up toys. Next, my mom Paulette is so helpful. She cooks food for me and my brothers. She also cleans her bedroom and the rest of the house. I help my mom clean the floors. My mom takes me to school or daycare. My older brother Devon washes dishes and helps set up the game station. When we need to I help my brother wash and clean the car. My nana Hazel picks me up from school. My nana also takes me to football games. Last, my dad James is fun to hang out with. He is helpful because he always talks about doing good in school. I am also a part of the family. I like to help my dad keep his car clean. Sometimes, I help my stepdad cook dinner. I help my mom with the laundry on the weekend. When my family is helpful I let them know by saying thank you and when I need help I ask and say please. The greatest thing about my family is teamwork!

  • Matthew Brady

My family is a team because: My family is a team because we play together and support each other. We ride bikes together, we do chores together, and we eat food together. My family supports me in life like they do when I play on my basketball team. Scoring a shot is like choosing the right. If I do something wrong, it is like missing a basket. I can catch a rebound and choose the right again. Either way, my family still cheers me on. If I am mean or tell a lie, then my parents will call a foul. When I shoot a free-throw basket, I have to stay behind the line. If I don’t stay behind the line, then it is like making a bad choice and the shot will not count. Stealing the ball is like saying “please, can I have it?” In a basketball game, you have to pass and let others take turns taking shots. If I pass the ball, it is like sharing a toy. When I sit on the bench, it is like letting another person share in something I enjoy. There is one hour, or four quarters, in a basketball game. That seems long, but sometimes it takes time to choose the right. If I choose the right, then I will be able to score baskets and my team will win. I am trying to follow the rules and play better in basketball and in life. My family cheers me on. Matthew

  • Noah Mondesir

My family is an awesome team that works together. My teammates are my mom, my dad, and my little sister.

First of all, my family is a team because we take care of each other. When one of us are sick, my parents make us feel better. When one of us are hurt, my parents make the spot that is hurting feel better. Next, we always do fun things together. For example, we might go to Disney World or Fun Spot. We also play games on the computer together. Sometimes, my parents let us have a party or some ice cream.

Then, my family is so funny. For example, when one of us are sad, my family works hard to make us smile and then we start giggling and give each other hugs. They keep all of our family and friends entertained. My dad tells jokes and tickles us, and my mom makes funny faces.

Also, my family is very helpful. When me or my sister needs help with homework, our parents come to the rescue and help us with our homework.

Finally, we love cooking together. For example, one time, we made cookies. Me and my sister put the cookie dough on the tray, and my mom does the baking. Sometimes, we make muffins. Also, we make brownies.

In conclusion, these are just a few of the many reasons why my family is a wonderful team.

  • Nathan Rahter

My family is a team because we work together. We work together to clean the van and to do hard stuff that needs a team. To clean the van, we need to vacuum, clean the outside, and take out the stuff that needs to be inside and put the garbage in the trashcan. We divide up the work to get more stuff done. For example, I may get the garbage out of the back seat, my brother will help get the stuff that needs to go inside and put it inside. While we are doing that, my mom and little brother will vacuum the seats and floors. My dad, my sister and I will wash the outside. My dad turns the hose on to wash the outside of the van. He fills the bucket with soap, water, and sponges so that we can scrub the van.  My dad sprays and washes the top.  My sister does the middle parts.  I clean the bottom parts.  One person rinses and the rest of the family dries.  My basketball team passes, dribbles, guards, and shoots baskets to win the game.  Just like in basketball, my family team works together to reach the goal.  It makes us happy when we finish our jobs so we can go play.  We know that if we work together, the job is easier and we get the job done faster so we can go play after.  That’s why my family and basketball team work together as a team.

  • Joshua Scherer

Our family is a team when we try to say kind words to one another, when we clean up together, when we help our younger siblings, and when we visit friends that are sick or need our help. To remind us to say kind words, we had a family meeting and talked about how if we say kind words, then our home would be a better, kinder place. We hung pictures to remind us to say kind words. One of them was a picture that said “trash talk.” In the picture, there was a teenager that had trash in his mouth. I don’t want trash in my mouth, so I am saying kind words.

We make our home a happier place by cleaning up together. It is easier to clean up together instead of one person. We usually clean our home on Saturday, to make our home feel good on Sunday. We help our younger siblings by playing with them and teaching them. Today, and played with my brother for one hour and thirty minutes, as we built a train track. As a family, we visit our friends that are sick or need our help. I usually go with my Dad to do it, but today we are going as a family to visit our babysitter, who just had hip surgery. We are bring her brownies. In conclusion, my family is the best team of all!

Grades 3-5

  • Minouse Divers

Families are an important group of people that are needed in life. In a family there can be some ups and downs but, somehow those mistakes in life are fixed. Unlike some TV shows the families in real life are different in many ways. Modern family, The Cosby Show, Good Luck Charlie, and Blackish are family shows that demonstrate how their family is a team, but today it is my turn.

Probably the best example to start off with is that my family is honest toward one another. Honesty is an important trait that I think a family should require. For instance, if a family has no honesty the family is basically built off of lies.

Another way to show that my family is a team is that we always have each others back. When a family member has fallen another family member will help them back up, or if someone has a problem the others will help find a solution.

To add more fuel to the fire my family cares for one another. Just like that Burger King commercial “sharing is caring”. Similar to my family we share with each other but we also turn your frown upside down and will help you with your struggles.

Families can come in many different cultures and sizes. My family is honest has each others backs and cares for one another. With these facts there is obviously no doubt that my family is a team. We may live in a Full House but still our family matters.

  • Duna Guerrier

Hi! My name is Duna Guerrier. I am going to tell you about my childhood and how my family works as a team. I do not have a middle name but my mom does. She is the only one in my family that does have a middle name. So that means it is just Duna Guerrier. I am from Haiti. Growing up it was kind of a bad childhood for me because I have a lot of my family members that had passed away.

If I would describe “family,” I would describe family as nice, caring, polite, helpful and lovable because that is what my family is. I have 8 siblings. Their names are Sabrina, Widna, Fedner, Rumos, Gonzalez, Rigue, and Faika, also me. Faika was in Hiawassee Elementary school for only 5th grade. She is 13 years old. Widna is my big sister, Sabrina is my second sister, Fedner is my 4th brother. Ramos is my second brother, Gonzalez is my 3rd brother and Rigue is my big brother and Faika is my 3rd sister. I am the last one in my family so I always get picked on but it is just a family thing.

I got my name from my auntie that had passed away before I was born. It was a chilly day when I was born. I was born on December 29, 2004. So right now I am 11 years old. Me and my big sister is the only one that was born in December. She was born on December 21, 1992. The thing that I like most about my family is that they will always love me. No matter what I do they will still love me.

My family celebrates Thanksgiving because Thanksgiving is a holiday where families can have reunions so they can enjoy their thanks for each other. When it was Thanksgiving day at dinner, my family shared their thanks. Mine was that I am thankful for having a family that loves me and friends.

I will see my family in a new house being all together again in 5 years. If my family and I were in the Olympics, we would play soccer because we always practice every day with my brother because he plays soccer in college.

My family works as a team by helping each other with anything and by just being ourself. When we are outside, my family and I always pay attention to anything that comes our way. We always stay together when we are outside our home. This is my whole life history.

  • Elyse Pullen

My family is a team because we work to stay united as we work through family issues. We work together to get through the hard times. We don’t let the bad and tough times separate us. We don’t turn and fight against each other, but we stay a team family. This is hard sometimes, but my mom makes us. My dream for my family is that we would stay united as a team and they help me all the way to the end even when I am grown up.

You can like different things but if your family needs you and you are not there, then you do not have a team family. So, sometimes my family has to give up things they like do to help each other. When my mom goes to the grocery store, my three brothers bring the food in the house. I help her unpack and put the food away while she starts dinner. We may want to play, but we know we need to help her. We always eat together, bless our food, and thank God for the air in our lungs and blessing our family everyday.

My family is team because we eat and pray together. My mom is there for me everyday of my life. She makes me breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don’t know what I would do if she did not care or was not there for me. I would be lost with no hope and love. She prays for me and my brothers everyday. When we are resting before we go to sleep at night and before we go to school in the morning. The strongest team families are the ones who go through the hardest things together because you can depend on your family the most . If this isn’t a team I don’t know what is. This is why I think my family is a team and I wouldn’t want to be on any other.

  • Ella Schnacky

For many reasons that I believe that my family is a great team. Three of the best are 1- we listen to each other, 2- we show our support for each other, and 3- we watch for chances to help each other. These things are required to be a good team, just like on a sports team. I live at home with my mom, dad, older brother and two sisters. A big family of six really has to practice teamwork to keep everything going. In my family, everyone is important. Everyone’s opinion counts, everyone’s activities are important, and everyone’s feelings matter. My parents have taught us to “be slow to speak and quick to listen.” We all try to let others tell how they are feeling so that we can understand, before we respond. Whether homework, the Science fair, my volleyball game, or my brother’s band performance, our family makes it a priority to attend each other’s activities. We are one another’s best cheerleaders. When I say we attend each other’s activities, I mean ALL of us including aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents! We have a very supportive family. Finally, we think it’s fun to watch for ways to help each other. Washing dishes, doing the yard, helping with math, all is a lot more fun together. We all have a role to play in our family. Without even one of our team there would be a big empty space. Remember, T-E-A-M, Together Everyone Achieves More!

  • Savannah Sisk

Well, actually my family could be, well, waaaaayyy happier right now, because my dad passed away last year, and I guess, that kind of, well, made us stronger. We are also a family because we love each other and we always make sure everything is OK with each other. But sometimes, we will have our ups and downs, like every family does, but of course we are a family so we will always, always, stick together, like every family does. So, I guess my dad’s in heaven and having lots of fun, but in our hearts we’ll always miss him, and I’m sure he misses us too, but I always knew that he would love us no matter what! My family is also a team because, we even have our own team name: TEAM SISK. Sisk is my last name and I think that it’s cool because it’s Irish! So, I know that maybe not every, but most families are teams because they love, care, and hope for each other because that, I repeat, that is what families are for! Did I mention that my family is also a famly because, we hope for each other? Anyway I know that one day my sister, Allison and my mom, Debby we’ll all see my dad, Jay Sisk again but not for a very, very, very, very long time but I know that he will always, always, always be with us in our very own very different little hearts.

Grades 6-8

  • Elijah Bojalad

Do you and your parents work together as a team? Some kids are very close with their parents and some are not. My parents are very close to me. We do just about everything together. My parents are young so they can do a lot more things than kid’s parents who are older. Two thing that we do together are to play with my sister and make and clean up dinner. My sister is about 2 years old. She is a lot of work but we all love to play with her. If my parents are doing something important than I play with my sister. If I have to do something then both or one of my parents will play with my sister. She is a lot of work. You can have all of your energy at the beginning but in the end it will be all gone.

We use team work to make dinner. My mom or my dad will make dinner then I will keep my sister occupied. If I am lucky she will be watching a T.V. show with me or she wants to help make dinner. If she wants to make dinner then I sometimes have to watch her while my mom is using a pan that is really hot. Once we eat dinner it is my turn to do my part. I clean up from dinner. When I am cleaning up from dinner my mom or my dad will give my sister a bath or a shower so I can clean up. After that we sit as a family when my sister is tired and watch T.V. That is how my family works together.

  • Lauren Brady

My family is a good team because everyone is kind, helpful, and supportive of each other. Everyone works together. If anyone in my family is sad or hurt, we will help each other feel better. We support each other and care for each other. My family likes to play games and learn together. We like to spend time with each other and grow closer as a family. If you are on a soccer team, everyone on your team has to work together and help each other if they want to win. My family works together and helps each other out. We are a great team when we do.

Another thing that happens on a soccer team, is that everyone has different roles to play. There is defense, striker, goalie, and midfielder. Like on a soccer team, everyone in my family has roles to play, too. There is my Mom, my Dad, and my 4 siblings. My Mom takes care of us and helps us to learn and grow. My Dad also helps care for us and earns money to support us. My siblings help me to learn and to have fun. Everyone in my family is important and are very fun to be around. They all help me and teach me new things every day.

My family is a team because we have fun together, but we also learn from each other. We try to be kind and helpful. That is what makes my family a good team.

  • Nathan Brady

My family is a team because we all work together to achieve our goals, while trying to help others along the way. We have fun together, help each other, and learn together.

My family is like a soccer team. On a Soccer team, there are players and coaches. The players pass the ball to each other, try to get past the defenders, and get the ball into the goal. All the players have different responsibilities to help the team. The coaches help the players and give them tips. My parents are like the coaches because they help us keep going and not give up. My parents also give us pointers and tips, to help us be better and succeed. My brothers and sisters and I are like the players.

We all try to get past the hardships and bumps that come along in life. When we come across the hardships (the defenders), we try to find a way to get past them and succeed. When we make a bad choice (letting the defender steal the ball), we try to correct the wrong and make it through. All my family members have different responsibilities to help us with our daily lives. When we all work together and fulfill our responsibilities, we almost always succeed.

Teams are made up of people that care about each other and want to see each other succeed. Therefore, my family is a team and will hopefully always be.

  • Alexander Kinbar Clark

Most people around the world have a family, whether biological or not. In a family, each member must do their part, making the family like a well-oiled machine. Part of my parents’ role is to coordinate events. My parents are divorced, making coordination all the more important. For instance, they always make sure that each other know about my events, assignment due dates and plans with friends. My mom and stepfather coordinate on who brings my siblings and I to school. Also, I am extremely thankful that my parents work to support me and my siblings financially.

My role and the role of my siblings is to do what we can to help around the house, such as doing chores, such as cleaning the dishes or taking out the trash. Until we grow up though, our other very important job is to get a good education so we can support our families later on. Many families have extended family support. In my family, on some days my grandparents pick up me, my sister, and my cousins from school because my dad works later than the end of our school day. I am glad to have my grandparents picking me up because it also means that I get to see my cousins. To sum it up, everyone from the parents to the kids to the extended family each have their own roles in supporting the team.

  • Madeline Rahter

What do you get if you add: One sixth grader at the beginning of middle school + Three little brothers + Two awesome parents? I have to admit, that might be one of the hardest questions I’ve come across. But here’s the answer I’ve come up with: One amazing, hectic family. But my family is a team because we love each other.

My family has given me all the necessities: shelter, food, water, and all the extras: electronics, TV privileges, and allowance, just to name a few. But when I really realized how much my family loves me is when I realized how much they really care about what I love. For instance, my cat. My parents were not in favor of getting me an animal, but in third grade, my dad promised me if I got straight A’s, he’d let me adopt one from the Animal Shelter. Of course, he never thought I’d get all A’s. But that day in the Animal Shelter, he said, “I’m proud of you and I love you.” Plus, he treated us all to Jimmy John’s. He even came up with her name: Zoe. Additionally, he bought all the litter and food for her. I’m happy to say he hasn’t thrown her out when I didn’t pay him back. She, in turn, has adopted him.

In conclusion, my family is a team because we love each other, respect what others enjoy, and show love in these important ways.